Alaska Wild Fish Oil 90's

Alaska Wild Fish Oil 90's

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ALASKA WILD FISH OIL - OMEGA 3 ENTERIC COATED, odourless, from wild fish not farm raised where usually fish farmers use artificially made food pellets and even antibiotics and steroids to maintain health of fish packed tightly in enclosures.

This is from fish caught in the deep oceans in Alaska and the fish oils are extracted and processed in Alaska.

Alaska Wild Fish Oil
- 90 Enteric Coated Softgels - enteric coating is a process where after the softgel is manufactured, they are sent for another process where a layer of enteric coating is layered on to the softgels.

An enteric coating is a polymer barrier applied on oral medication. This helps by protecting drugs from the pH (i.e. acidity) of the stomach.

Enteric coatings work by presenting a surface that is stable at the highly acidic pH level found in the stomach, but breaks down rapidly at a less acidic pH level as exists in your intestines.

For example, they will not dissolve in the gastric acids of the stomach (pH ~3), but they will in the alkaline (pH 7-9) level present in the small intestine. This results in the softgel NOT dissolving in the stomach like non enteric coated tablets, capsules and softgels.

It travels on to the intestines and it is here that the softgel dissolves and is absorbed through the intestines into the blood stream.

The benefits of this enteric coating is:

1. Most of the Fish Oil is absorbed and utilised by your body

2. There will be less fishy after taste and less burping (if any)

3. This process adds to the cost - but the benefits are worth the extra cost in the opinion of health care professionals

* Mega Omega-3 with Concentration of DHA (450mg per serving)

* Richest concentration of Mega Omega-3 naturally obtainable from fish oil

* Exclusive process to preserve whole oil Mega Omega-3 concentrations

* Research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease

* Free from harmful toxins Mega Omega-3 fatty acids helps maintain Healthy Heart, Joints, Immune system, Skin, Brain, Memory and Nervous System

* Naturally stable with antioxidants which prevents rancidity

* Molecularly distilled from cold water deep sea fish and enteric coated to prevent reflux and fishy burps

- nearly 95% of fish oil capsules are made with fish oil from farm raised salmon and other fish. This is made with wild fish. Eskimos who started the nutritional discovery of relating low cholesterol with eating Omega 3 fish oil, were eating only wild fish. So health care professionals and nutritionists believe that wild fish oil is better than farm raised fish oil.