Aloe Vera Concentrate 5,000mg 30's

Aloe Vera Concentrate 5,000mg 30's

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Aloe Vera Softgels - 5,000mg of pharmaceutical quality extract in each softgel

Over 4000 years ago the Greek, Egyptian and Chinese civilizations were using the Aloe Vera plant for beauty applications as well as its healing properties.

Each softgel of Aloe Vera Concentrate contains 50 vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients.

It is produced from the crystal clear gel of fresh Aloe Vera inner leaves by a special purification and concentration process to bring you the very essence of Aloe Vera.

This is not just taking Aloe Vera from a roadside plant or wild growing plants and putting that into a softgel. Our Aloe Vera is collected hygienically from special organic farms where no pesticide or chemical fertilizer is used and then taken to a laboratory where it is concentrated and standardized to a very high pharmaceutical standard. It is so good and of such high quality that the softgel can be pierced and the gel applied to your skin to remove scars or to improve quality of skin complexion. It removes stretch marks and facial discoloration if used regularly.

Dosage: Take 2 to 6 softgels daily For burns, scars and stretch marks, prick a hole in the capsule and squeeze on affected area twice daily.