Chewable Calcium 600mg + D3 + Minerals 60's

Chewable Calcium 600mg + D3 + Minerals 60's

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This is a delicious strawberry flavored chewable tablet which will be loved by children from age 4 upwards.

Starting your kid with a Calcium supplement like this will make sure that your child grows up strong and tall.

The average Asian diet lacks Calcium which comes from eating dairy products daily.

The calcium used in this is a high quality Calcium that is mined from quarries where there are natural calcium deposits. It is not made from egg shells or sea shells, corals or animal bones which are the usual cheap sources of most calcium tablets that are on the market.

Mined Calcium is totally natural and so is more absorbable than those types of calcium tablets.

Many old people have curved backbones. And suffer from brittle bones which fracture when they fall - in fact seniors fall because of weak bones and weak joints. If they had taken enough Calcium throughout their adult lives they would not have such weak bones.

Apart from Calcium, this formula contains the many minerals that are so essential for growing bones.

Plus research now finds that Vitamin D3, taken with Calcium tremendously improves the bone strengthening effect of Calcium. So we have put in Vitamin D3 with the calcium + minerals to make this the most advanced bone strength formula available in USA or elsewhere.

The daily dosage for Children is:

One Tablet Daily for Children aged 4 to 8.
Two Tablets Daily for Children aged 9 to 18.

The daily dosage for Adults is:

One Tablet Daily for Adults age 19-70.
Two Tablets Daily for Adults age 71 and above.