Chewy C 90 Gummies

Chewy C 90 Gummies

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Chewy C is a fun way for kids to get their daily Vitamin C dose.

With 6 delicious Fruity flavours in different shapes and colours to choose from:
Orange, Strawberry, Apple, Lemon, Mango and Grape all in every bottle of Chewy C.

Kids love these delicious pastilles!

Vitamin C is known to help strengthen the immune defences and ward off colds, flu, sniffles and coughs. However, getting kids to take Vitamin C supplements daily may not be easy especially when some of these supplements may be too sour.

Now, with Chewy C, you can be sure that your kids will want to take their Vitamin C daily. It is so important for kids to take a small amount of Vitamin C daily because Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body like Vitamin A. It has to be taken daily.

Vegetarian Chewable Vitamin C pastilles. Chewy C is made using vegetable gelatin. Vegetarian Formula.