Children's Vapor Balm (Camphor Free) 38g

Children's Vapor Balm (Camphor Free) 38g

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21st Century Vapor Balm is a strawberry scented ointment specially formulated for children, to provide relief from blocked nose, cough and muscular aches and pains due to colds. It specifically does not contain Camphor because the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION has stated that Camphor vapor is harmful to small children. Camphor is okay for Adults BUT not for small children. We still do not understand why many parents still use balms containing Camphor on their children when it is well known that camphor fumes are bad for children (and even for adults). Just because it was done 50 years ago? Well no one knew till 10 years ago that Camphor Oil was dangerous for children. That is why we made a balm ointment without camphor to rub on the chests of children.

So many medicated oils which parents rub on their children contain camphor oil. Do not put camphor oil based medicated oils and balms on children. They are bad and dangerous.


The Vapor Effect - Vapor Balm becomes medicinal vapors when applied to the chest and back of children. These vapors when inhaled clear blocked noses, ease breathing and coughing.

The Warming Effects - When applied, it will soothe muscular aches and pains and relieve the awfully uncomfortable symptoms of flu and colds.