Children's Weight Gain Powder 250g (Chocolate Flavor)

Children's Weight Gain Powder 250g (Chocolate Flavor)

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Children's Weight Gain Powder is a delicious, nutritious chocolate food supplement drink which increases weight, energy and endurance while building muscle in children.


A daily intake of protein is required to maintain good health and increase body weight.

A diet lacking in protein prevents children from putting on weight, even if they eat a lot of food.

Giving children fatty foods is an unhealthy way to help them put on weight - they will end up with fat on their arteries which will cause them to suffer as adults.

This high protein product is ideal for children 4 to 16 years who do not eat properly.

Nutritional Content:

Major Nutrients in Children's Weight Gain Powder
- Concentrates of Proteins and Carbohydrates
- Vitamins and Minerals for overall good health

Directions on how to use:

Mix 3 heaped tablespoons in a glass of milk. Add sugar to taste. Take once daily in the morning or evening.