Collasamine 30 sachets

Collasamine 30 sachets

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The ultimate & best arthritis joint pain relief and cartilage renewal product in the world.

A non-surgical knee repair formula

Forget going for painful knee replacement surgery

Tested in many countries & found it really works!

Just tear open a sachet, mix contents into half glass of water and drink!

30 delicious individual sachets per box

Each sachet contains: Elemental Glucosamine 1500mg + Chicken cartilage Chondroitin 500mg + MSM 700mg + Fish Collagen Peptides 2,000mg

To put all of the above 4,700mg into a capsule will need 10 capsules!

The final answer to all your joint aches and pains!

A delicious orange drink powder mixture of every known joint inflammation and pain remedies. Our Orange Flavoured Powder is made extra fine so that it is absorbed quickly and effectively.



Just put 1 sachet of Collasamine powder in a glass, add water and enjoy with your morning breakfast or lunch or anytime of the day. Tastes like orange juice.

Look at what a single dose contains:

1. Glucosamine – actual, elemental - 1500mg. From corn. Not crab shells. Equal to the actual Glucosamine you get from 2300mg of 2KCL Glucosamine Sulfate which has only 60% to 70% Glucosamine.

2. Chondroitin 500mg - from Chicken cartilage, not beef cartilage like in all other brands.

3. MSM 700mg

4. Fish Collagen Nano Peptides 2000mg

Why Fish Collagen Nano Peptides?

A new addition to the joint pain medicine chest – Fish Collagen Nano Peptides. This is made in Hokkaido, Japan/ produced to the highest quality and to a nano size of less than 3,000 Daltons. The smaller the better absorbed it will be. Goes easily right to your joints to build collagen – right where it is needed. Tested to be free from Radiation, Dioxins, PCB's, Mercury, Lead as well as free from E.Coli, Salmonella and all other types of microbes. Certified Clean and Healthy.

Why did we combine Fish Collagen nano Peptides with the other ingredients?

Because tests done on lab rabbits show that rabbits which had osteoarthritis induced into them (strange but true that this can be done and was done) and then were given Glucosamine only did not have as much improvement as the rabbits which were given Glucosamine plus Fish Collagen Peptides combination. This combination showed it had much superior results than just Glucosamine alone. In addition, we have put in Chondroitin and MSM (which the rabbits did not get)– just to be sure that you get everything that is considered to be beneficial for joint inflammation and pain.