Colon Clenz 500mg 60's

Colon Clenz 500mg 60's

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Not just ordinary psyllium powder that is sold by other brands. This is activated through a special process so that it is flushes out all remnant faeces and completely flushes and cleans your colon daily.

Good for colon health to flush your colon twice a week to prevent future colon diseases and problems.

Removes remnant faeces from the colon walls.

Made with 'activated' psyllium extract concentrate, not just ordinary psyllium powder like other brands!

Psyllium has been proven to be an excellent cleanser for cleansing colons. It helps to clean
impacted bowel pockets and absorbs toxic gases. Psyllium swells in water to provide a gentle, bulk intestinal cleanser.

When exposed to water, the outer walls of the seeds form a layer of mucilage which provides lubrication to the bowel which relieves constipation. It makes going to the toilet in the morning easy and comfortable.

Your Insurance against colon diseases.