Digestion Enzymes 60's

Digestion Enzymes 60's

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21st Century's Digestion Enzymes is a proprietary digestive enzyme blend formulated to maximize healthy digestive function.

Digestive enzymes are specific proteins that are produced in the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) to break down our food into digestible nutrients that can be readily absorbed and utilized by the body.

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates require specific digestive enzymes to break them down. Our bodies can produce certain digestive enzymes but because of the processed foods we eat daily our digestive systems can benefit from additional supplementation.

Digestive enzymes can also help those with certain food intolerance.

Benefits of Supplementing With Digestive Enzymes:

- Helps the body Break Down Difficult to Digest Foods
- Helps boost metabolism
- Enhances The Body’s Ability to Absorb Nutrition
- Counteracts Enzyme inhibitors in found in different foods

Can be taken with Probiotics 50 Billion to improve your digestion and stomach comfort.

For difficult cases, combine with 50 Billion Probiotics and for average problem cases, combine with 8 Billion Probiotics. Helps with mild gastric conditions and minor reflux problems.

Probiotics are strains of bacteria known as “living microorganisms” concentrated in the small and large intestines that can benefit the health of the host. Our bodies need “good bacteria” to function optimally. Fats, proteins, starches require several different enzymes to completely break them down.

Our specially 'cool' cultured processed probiotics produce the correct enzymes to break down each macromolecule to basic components for easy efficient absorption.

Benefits of Supplementing with Probiotics:

- Helps Boost Immune System
- Improves Digestive Health
- Helps Fight Food Borne Illnesses
- Prevents and Helps Treat UTI’s