Eyebright Complex 30's

Eyebright Complex 30's

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Contain 6 ingredients for Good Eye Health

This formula promotes better and sharper vision.

Benefits of the ingredients in this formula:

- Eyebright:
is great for the eyes. It's an antioxidant herb that fights free-radical damage.

- Beta carotene:
a safe source of Vitamin A to nourish the eyes

- Bilberry Extract:
to improve night vision. During the 2nd World War, British Spitfire Fighter pilots were given bilberry juice daily to improve their night vision. It was found to be the correct ingredient for better night vision and so this has been included in our formula

- Lutein:
As we age the lutein in our eyes is lost and our eyesight becomes weaker and weaker. Replacing Lutein by taking supplements is the way to keep our eyesight sharper.

- Red Raspberry:
this has an antioxidant (anti ageing) effect. So ageing eyes are helped by consumption of Red Raspberries.

- Chrysanthemum:
in Chinese traditional medicine, it is used to 'brighten the eyes and improve vision'. That is why we added this to our formula - to give you the best of Western and Chinese herbal medicines.