Fair & Lovely 30's

Fair & Lovely 30's

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Fair & Lovely Capsules with L-Glutathione - The Only True & Effective Skin Whitener

L-Glutathione 'Reduced' is a very expensive ingredient. It is a natural Amino Acid that works by reducing production of Melanin in the body. Less Melanin means lighter skin. As simple as that.

So those who want to make their skin lighter, can take FAIR & LOVELY which contains 600mg of pure L-Glutathione 'Reduced'. 'Reduced' is the non oxidized, stable form of pharmaceutical grade purity L-Glutathione. Non 'reduced' L-Glutathione is used for cosmetics and energy tablets and powders. Where skin lightening is not needed.

We use only the best quality L-Glutathione "reduced" powder which is MADE IN JAPAN. But put into vegecapsules in our factory in Arizona.

Not diluted with L-Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C or Grapeseed like in other brands. Since L-Glutathione is a sensitive, delicate antioxidant, it should never be mixed in the same tablet or capsule with other antioxidants like Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C etc because these other antioxidants may cause L-Glutathione to be oxidized thereby reducing its effectiveness, then it cannot be called L-Glutathione 'reduced'.

What does L-Glutathione Reduced Mean? 'Reduced' refers to the non-oxidized, stable form of L-Glutathione. This is done by a complicated, advanced pharmaceutical method. The reduced version is only used for tablets made by reputable manufacturers. So if a company combines the 'reduced' version with other anti-oxidants like Vitamin C or Alpha Lipoic Acid what they are doing is making the 'reduced' L-Glutathione into industrial grade L-Glutathione which will not work to lighten skin.