GlucoSamine Balm 50g

GlucoSamine Balm 50g

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GlucoSamine Balm 50g

With 10% Glucosamine concentration

Works well for relief of pain and inflammation and those without inflammation or pain and who go jogging and cycling should use it to protect joints from getting worn out!

or more than 20 years, Intenz Health Australia has been researching on how to manufacture a Glucosamine balm that contains 10% of Glucosamine which is stable and effective.

Finally, after 20 years, INTENZ HEALTH been successful in producing a 10% Glucosamine Balm that can stick to your skin and penetrate right into your joints to deliver Glucosamine exactly where it is needed to reduce your pain, inflammation and to repair and renew old worn out cartilage.

While oral Glucosamine helps with relieving pain and inflammation generally, direct application of Glucosamine to the affected area is the only way for more Glucosamine to penetrate right into painful joints and help repair those damaged ligaments and cartilage. This results in a reduction in pain, inflammation and stiffness - quickly.

In addition to Glucosamine, we have added 6 reparative oils to our formula that help to repair and renew your joints and worn out cartilage.

Tests have shown that INTENZ GLUCOSAMINE BALM is effective for relief of arthritic and rheumatic inflammation and pain. Other tests have INTENZ GLUCOSAMINE BALM to be useful in reducing pain from muscle tears and injury as well as to speed up the healing process in torn muscles. A most useful new medication for athletes and sports persons.

Keep out of reach of children.

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