Green Coffee Bean Extract 6000mg 60's

Green Coffee Bean Extract 6000mg 60's

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Our coffee bean extract is a 15: 1 extract which is equal to 6,000mg of green coffee.

All other Green Coffee Bean 400mg capsules sold in USA is a 2:1 extract which is equal to only 800mg. Ours is guaranteed to contain 55% Chlorogenic Acid the key to how Green Coffee Extracts cause weight loss. It is also standardized which means that every capsule contains the same powerful extract.

For just 12 weeks, participants were given Green Coffee Bean 6,000mg capsules and they didn't change any of their diet habits.

Important things to note:

- No new diet to abide by
- No new exercise routine or workouts they had to follow
- Simply added the extract to their daily intake

Does it REALLY help people lose weight?

Green coffee bean capsules apparently give an enormous boost to weight loss if taken daily. The initial study that everyone got so excited about watched and monitored 16 participants over 22 weeks, found that each of them amazingly lost an average of about 17 pounds.

But note well that only this extract was used in the tests - so each participant used 6,000mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract ( 15: 1 extract x 400mg = 6,000mg) a day - not a mere 400mg or 800mg. You can understand that 400mg or 800g cannot work. You need 6,000mg to increase your fat burning rate.

How does it help you lose weight?

Green Coffee Beans have an ingredient called Chlrogenic Acid. This acid is the key to its weight loss effects, as it signals your liver to burn stored fat. It also slows the processing of sugar into glucose, so there is less of it in your blood. This makes for more fat burning and excess glucose does not turn into fat later. So there is an immediate benefit as well as the longer term one. But you need 6,000mg, not 400mg.

That's exactly what happened with participants in a recent study on green coffee bean extract by the University of Scranton under. The findings were revealed at the 243rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

The chlorogenic acid is the key.

Chlorogenic acid is prevalent in green coffee beans, but is destroyed in the roasting process used to make the coffee drinks we are all familiar with. So it is important that the process used to turn the beans into an easily consumed capsule do not use heat that can damage the chemical structure and severely impact the amount of chlorogenic acid present in the finished product.

This is the latest weight loss ingredient that is sweeping the USA. 6,000mg Green Coffee Bean Capsules.

So before you buy any Green Coffee capsules, find out if they are made like ours, using a freeze drying method. All other brands in the market are green coffee beans which are simply dried and pounded into powder which is then put into capsules.

Directions: Adults take one capsule daily after food. Maximum dosage is 2 capsules daily to be taken one in the morning and one in the evening always after food.