Marino 60's

Marino 60's

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To keep your skin beautiful it is not what you put on it only, but what you give it from inside your body.

MARINO skin nutrition tablets work in the dermal layer below the surface of the skin - where skincare creams cannot reach.
It is here that the first signs of skin ageing starts.

MARINO skin nutrition tablets work from within your body to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and to slow skin ageing.

MARINO is a natural marine protein complex extracted from deep sea fish, combined with Acerola Berries and Zinc to provide your skin nourishment.

This formula helps the production of collagen as well as to assist in skin regeneration and repair.


Our body does not contain sufficient nutrients for the skin to rebuild and repair itself. As a result, skin loses its ability to maintain a smooth, supple complexion. This becomes apparent as we get older. Marino's marine protein extract is identical to the skin's own connective tissue and collagen fibers. It can also attract and bind moisture resulting in skin regeneration and repair.


- Keeps skin complexion healthy, smooth and supple with a complex compound of proteins and polysaccharides.

- Effective in the reconstruction of aging and sun-damaged skin.

- Improves the skin's ability to retain moisture.

- Improves the upper dermal layer by enabling the dermis to thicken.

- Increases elastin and collagen fibers.

- Promotes skin regeneration and repair.