Mega Vision 30's

Mega Vision 30's

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Specially Formulated for Optimum Eye Health

Necessary for anyone over the age of 40

Herbal Extracts combined with Lutein (antioxidant for the eyes), Beta Carotene (as a safe source of vitamin A to nourish and strengthen the Eyes) & Zeaxanthin.

Mega Vision is formulated with antioxidants and herbs for eye health. It contains a 5:1 ratio of Zeaxanthin and Lutein. This is the clinically tested ratio that improves eye health and reduces eye-related macular degeneration.

Other Nutrients included in this formula for optimum eye health:

A herb used to promote good, clear vision and bright healthy eyes.

Improves blood circulation in the brain and eyes.

Enhances night vision, repairs short or near sightedness. It also helps the eye to restore visual acuity faster following exposure to bright flashes of light.

A safe source of vitamin A to help enhance and promote general good vision and eye health.

Promotes optimal eye health due to its antioxidant (anti ageing) properties.

-LUTEIN known as
“the eye vitamin.”