Oil & Fat Aborbers Tab 30's

Oil & Fat Aborbers Tab 30's

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OIL & FAT ABSORBERS absorb oil & fat from your fried foods & curries.

OIL & FAT ABSORBERS contain Oil & Fat Absorbing Chitosan. Chitosan is a unique fat-absorbing dietary fiber derived from crab shells which rapidly dissolves in stomach acid.

Chitosan then binds to ingested fat and oil from food immediately, thereby reducing the amount of oil and fat absorbed into your body during digestion. So, your body takes in less calories from your food as all the oil and fat absorbed by OIL & FAT ABSORBERS is passed out as waste matter.

Apart from taking in less calories, the other good news is that by taking in reduced amounts of oil and fat you become healthier. So, when you eat any oily or fatty fried food, take a tablet about 15 to 30 minutes before eating that fatty, oily meal.

And since it is a powerful fibre, it is good for you as we all know that fibre is healthy and necessary for us for the health of our colon and for our arteries. So it is a weight loss ingredient and a cholesterol reducer too.