ProstaCare 60's

ProstaCare 60's

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PROSTACARE (60 vegetarian capsules) is a concentrated herbal formula containing
4 herbal extracts used by men for decades in Europe and is now recognized in the United States to maintain prostate health and for better urination. Plus ZINC the mineral that decreases as men age and is needed for sexual virility and sex health in men.

Saw Palmetto Extract
- has been used by men for decades in Europe and is now recognized in the United States to maintain prostate health.

Beta Sisterol
- a plant sterol that is excellent for prostate, reduces night urination frequency

Uva-Ursi Leaf
- used for generation for prostate health and for urinary tract health

Pumpkin Seed Extract
- used for prostate health and to reduce frequency of urination. More effective than Pumpkin Seed Oil as this is concentrated and more effective.

- As men grow older there is less zinc in their system which is a major cause of prostate problems, enlarged prostate, and frequent urination in the day and at night where they have to get up 3 times a night to urinate leading to insufficient sleep which affects their health, even leading to an increase in blood sugar.

21st Century is not taking chances - we have put together all 4 known and traditionally used prostate herbs plus we have added ZINC into one single vegetarian capsule to make it work for all suffering men. Plus Zinc improves virility as is well known.

And the best part is that all these 4 herbs are extracts, which have been standardized and are of the highest grade we could get.

Users say that it works very well. No more getting up 3 times a night to urinate. Sound sleep for 8 hours for sure. And your prostate gets back to its 'young' health.


The label says to take 1 capsule at night or 2 for severe cases of frequent night time urination and weak urine stream.

Recent research and experience by users show that it is best to start with 2 Capsules at night before bed time and 1 Capsule first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.