Renourish Sport Chocolate Flavour 2lbs (906g)

Renourish Sport Chocolate Flavour 2lbs (906g)

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ReNourish Sport Chocolate 2lb

Protein Supplement

Each scoop provides quality protein to help increase strength and endurance. Whey protein is for anyone who needs additional protein in their daily diet and not only for sports people although sports people use it the most.

We recommend that anyone who is over 50 takes it daily to maintain strength, build up muscle and stop muscle loss due to the very natural ageing process of human beings.

Each serving (2 scoop) provides fast-acting Whey protein, for quick and sustained availability of amino acids for muscle repair and building. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders who wish to increase lean muscle gain, boost muscle recovery and performance, and reduce post-workout fatigue.

Directions: For adults, add two (2) scoops to 6-8 ounces or four (4) scoops to 14-16 ounces of water or milk. Mix well and drink.