Renourish Whey Protein Chocolate Flavour 1lb (453g)

Renourish Whey Protein Chocolate Flavour 1lb (453g)

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ReNourish Whey Protein Chocolate 1lb

100% Whey-Based Protein

21st Century HealthCare ReNourish Whey Protein is made with natural, whey-based protein and is formulated for energy all day long. Our delicious chocolate whey protein is naturally flavored with no aspartame or added soy. Our high protein formula helps satisfy hunger and helps in building strong lean muscle in young and old - especially good for people over 50 who want to maintain muscle strength, prevent muscle loss which is inevitable due to the ageing process UNLESS your diet changes to include much, much more protein than you ate when you were young. You can reverse ageing through diet and that is where our whey protein comes in - makes you strong without making you fat and obese!

What's more - it is delicious. Better than taking simple chocolate drinks with your breakfast which is of no value at all in helping you to maintain muscles.

Directions: Can be used as a low calorie health snack when you are hungry or as post-workout drink after exercise. Mix two (2) scoops of whey protein with 3/4 cup (6 fl oz) of cold water or milk. Stir/blend until dissolved. You can put the entire mixture in a bottle, shake it and then keep in the fridge for a power protein boost drink at any time and especially when you feel tired. Stop drinking coffee or tea. Take this instead and you will be physically empowered like a teenager!

Keep out of reach of children.