Rice Ceramides 90's

Rice Ceramides 90's

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Naturally Tightens Your Skin Like You Had A Surgical Facelift

Works internally to hydrate your skin from the inside out. This allows you to hydrate every inch of your skin keeping your face and body soft and supple.

Fast acting Anti-Wrinkle, fine lines and sun-damaged spots removal.

RESTORE YOUR SKIN, NATURALLY: Rice cell Ceramides are the original complexion perfecters. Japanese and French studies concluded that face and body ceramides creams and lotions contribute to maintaining moisturized skin, but they tend to diminish in effectiveness with age.

Rice Cell Ceramides, help to re-establish the vital moisture from inside your body to increase water passage to the surface of your skin just like what happened when you were young. As you grow older your skin dries up because not enough water is getting to your skin - face and body. So you look older. When you have more water going to your face and body skin, which is what Ceramides do, you get tight young skin. As if you have had a face lift through surgery. Simple.

TARGET THE CELLULAR LEVEL: Topical anti-aging treatments creams only penetrate the superficial levels of the skin. Rice Cell Ceramide capsules can more effectively assist in hydration by working from the inside out. Again note that these are not cheap PhytoCeramides made from mashed plants like Aloe Vera etc.

This product is also highly acclaimed for its unmatched fast acting results due to the rice-cell derived Ceramides which effortlessly restore the suppleness and radiance of skin in a remarkably short period of time. In just under one month of usage you will be able to notice very visible improvement on the complexion of your skin.

100mg rice Cell Ceramide Extract (concentrated from 1,000mg of rice cell ceramides) vs. 350mg plant phytoceramides products

All clinical tests conducted on ceramides have been on 100 mg rice-cell ceramides extracted and concentrated from 1000MG in a 10: 1 ratio like what is in our product. These are truly effective unlike 350 mg sweet potato leaf ceramides or plant or wheat alternatives which are called PLANT PHYTOCERAMIDES which are simply like Aloe Vera and other common plant material with about 3.4mg of actual usable ceramides. There is no high tech scientific extraction process like in rice-cell Ceramides which requires high technology in laboratories to penetrateto the core of rice grains and extract the microscopic ceramides (cells) of each rice grain, which is what makes it have its face lifting, young skin restoring powers.

And if you are already using Ceramide facial creams, carry on using the cream but add 21st Century's High Tech Ceramide Capsules so you get moisture injection from inside your body into the surface of your skin which will make your look soft and supple.

You may just get so young looking so quickly that even your friends and family may not recognize you.