Sea Buckthorn Oil 100ml

Sea Buckthorn Oil 100ml

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Sea Buckthorn Oil Omega 7 100ml - Lubricates Dry Eyes

  • Increase Production of Tears
  • Reduces stretch Marks

Sea Buckthorn Oil contains Omega 7 which when taken orally, lubricates the eyes by increasing natural production of tears. A remedy for people who suffer from dry eyes.

Sea Buckthorn Oil hydrates skin to reduce acne, treat skin problem & improves complexion when taken orally or applied to the skin.

How to take & dosage:
Take one teaspoon (4,500mg) daily before bedtime for dry eyes.
For very dry eyes, take two teaspoonful every night.
Apply on skin twice daily for stretch marks, scars and dry skin.

Do not drop oil into eyes.
Keep in Refrigerator after opening.