Selenium & A.C.E. 30's

Selenium & A.C.E. 30's

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Selenium & A.C.E. - a powerful Antioxidant formula to keep you looking and feeling energized

(Also helps healing for patients suffering from Burns)

Every day your body is attacked by chemical compounds, toxins and harmful substances called "free radicals".

The human body derives its energy from the utilization of nutrients and oxygen as fuel. It also utilizes oxygen to help the immune system destroy foreign substances and combat disease.

The by product of this and other metabolic processes can lead to the development of molecular agents that react with body tissues in a process called oxidation.

While this process is a natural consequence of the energy generation system, its by products called "free radicals" can damage healthy cells.

Antioxidants work in several ways: First, they may reduce the energy of the free radical.

Second, they stop free radicals from forming in the first place.

And finally antioxidants interrupt the oxidizing chain reaction to minimize the damage caused by free radicals.

Selenium N ACE is often used to speed up healing from wounds and burns.

21st Century Selenium & ACE contains 4 antioxidants:
Selenium, Vitamin A (from Beta Carotene), Vitamin C and Natural E to protect your body from free radicals and help slow down your aging process.

It can help you cleanse your body of harmful substances and provide you with the ability to live a longer, more energetic and healthier life.