Sleep Starters 60's

Sleep Starters 60's

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Sleep Starters 60's (Vegetarian)


Halal Certified


Most people do not have trouble remaining asleep. But they do have trouble falling asleep. Sleep Starters will help to start the sleeping process. You wake up feeling fresh and full of energy.

Non-addictive. No after or side effects.

A combination of 6 herbs to start natural sleep without being drugged into unconsciousness.

Each vegetarian tablet contains:

- Mullein leaf (standardized extract) 100mg

- Chamomile (standardized extract) 50mg

- Passiflora (standardized extract) 50mg

- Scullcap (standardized extract) 50mg

- Hops Flower (standardized extract) 50mg

- Oatstraw (standardized extract) 50mg

No sugar, starch, yeast, animal by-products or artificial flavors. Sodium free.

Directions: Take 2 tablets, one or more hours after dinner. 1 tablet can be taken anytime as a stress reliever.

Do not use if pregnant. Do not use if you are taking anti-depression medication. Not to be taken by children.