Transdermal Slimming Patch 6's

Transdermal Slimming Patch 6's

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Transdermal Slimming Patch (6's)Transdermal Slimming Patch (6's)

Slimming Patch is highly effective weight loss patch. After years of research, it was discovered that the unique combination of 9 weight loss ingredients applied to the skin (transdermally) combined with a sensible diet help cause weight loss.

This patch helps to promote weight loss when used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise. Exercise and a proper balanced diet are essential for losing weight.

Slimming Patch can help to achieve your weight loss goals naturally and safely.

- Melts fat away gently. 24 hours a day.
- Works 24 hours all day & all night.
- Eliminates Hunger Pangs
- Keeps you feeling full, even when you are not.
- Accelerates fat burning.

Nutritional Content:
9 Weight loss ingredients for rapid weight loss in a transdermal patch that releases them into your body 24 hours a day, to gently melt your fat away:
Fucus Vesiculosus:
- Its active ingredient iodine, increases the metabolism of fat to speed up weight loss. It has been researched and accepted by the UK Medicines Control Agency (MCA) for the treatment of obesity.

Extracted from the seeds of an African plant (Griffonia simplicifolia). Scientifically proven to reduce appetite and hunger.

The main ingredient of guarana, guaranine, reduces appetite naturally.

Zinc Pyruvate:
The new compound increases fat burning and increases lean muscle formation.

Yorba Mate:
A plant extract that eliminates hunger pangs, even when you haven’t had food for 12 hours.

Flaxseed Oil:
Contains two polyunsaturated fats – linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid – which speeds up weight loss.

Contains two natural FAT BURNERS, choline & inosital, which are essential for the breakdown of fats.

A very special Amino Acid that causes fat loss by consuming body fat to create energy.

Zinc Citrate:
Increases carbohydrate metabolism. Burns calories from carbohydrates.

- Place 21ST CENTURY slimming patch II on an area of clean, dry skin.
- Remove used patch after 24 hours and replace with a fresh patch on a different part of your body.
- Product should be used continuously for a minimum period of 30 days for best results.