Travel Bidet

Travel Bidet

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The 21st Century HealthCare Travel Bidet is a newly designed battery-powered, hand held, light, water spray unit that you can carry with you wherever you go! Just fill it with water and it’s ready to do its job – to clean you after you go to the toilet - no more need for toilet paper and of course it will be cleaner to wash yourself with water rather than just use paper after going to the toilet to do your 'big job'.

Also useful for women to clean themselves when they are going through their period.

Very good and clean way to wash kids after they have gone to the toilet.

When you are finished washing yourself, just empty out any remaining water, fold in the spray wand, collapse the bidet and slip it into your purse or briefcase.

You can use it in any public toilet.

Great for taking it on long flights ( or even on short flights ). No more sitting on the airplane unwashed for hours!!

Easy to clean your small kids too when your are out with them in the Mall or park or in friend's houses - in fact anywhere. Our users are so happy ( and clean of course ).

This is a tested high quality Travel Bidet - where the water coming out is so strong that the water spray can reach your private parts strongly enough to really clean. This is a superior travel bidet tested by 21st Century HealthCare USA so as to give our customers a travel bidet that really works and works well. All the time. Every time. On and on and on.