Young-A-Skin 30 Sachets (Rice Cell Ceramides + Cod Skin Collagen Pepti

Young-A-Skin 30 Sachets (Rice Cell Ceramides + Cod Skin Collagen Peptides)

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 Cod Skin Collagen + Rice Cell Ceramides

Wrinkle Eraser
Skin Rejuvenator
Complexion Improver

For Younger, More Hydrated Skin

Cod Skin Collagen Peptides

Cod Skin Collagen Peptides have superior absorbability due to their tiny particle size of less than 3,000 Daltons, which allows them to be absorbed better than standard collagen.

This means that your skin will look more youthful and radiant than it ever has before.

Tested and Guaranteed to be Radiation Free


Our Rice Ceramides will replace the original Ceramides you have lost through ageing and bring moisture to the surface of your skin.

Ceramides are responsible for keeping your skin looking young & wrinkle free.

Higher levels of Ceramides in your body results in more hydrated skin, making your skin look younger.

No Fishy Taste or Smell

How To Prepare Young-A-Skin:
Mix in hot water until it dissolves. Add cool water to make it easier to drink afterwards.

Cod Skin Collagen Peptides, Japanese Rice Cell Ceramides.

Each sachet contains 6,000mg of Rice Cell Ceramides + Cod Skin Collagen Peptides.

No Sugar, Salt, Beef, Pork, or Shellfish

Take one sachet daily, before or after any meal.